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Arranging a Funeral

If the death occurs over a weekend or if you have to wait for paperwork to be issued by the hospital or doctors, please inform us, as soon as you feel able, so we can help and advise you on the procedures to follow.

We will guide you through every step of arranging the funeral that you require for your loved one.

This can take any form that you require, below are some of the items that will require your consideration.

For Your Consideration

  • Is the service to be a burial or cremation?
  • Where would you like the service to be held?
  • Type of service, a Religious Service or Funeral Celebrant Thanksgiving Service?
  • If the service is to be a burial, choice of churchyard, cemetery or Woodland burial?
  • What is your preferred date and time for the service?
  • Choice of Hymns and Music you would like?
  • Would you like a printed order of service?
  • Would you like all who wish to send flowers or family flowers only etc, and asking for donations in lieu to a favorite charity? , or it can be left as flowers or donations to give people an option on their preference.
  • Do you require for an Obituary/Death Notice to be placed in either a local or national newspaper? We can give assistance in compiling wording.
  • Where will you require to meet for service, at service or from deceased or family home, or from our chapel of rest.
  • Do you require for a limousine to collect the family on the day of the service? Limousine seats 7 family members, more than 1 is usually available , if required.
  • If deceased is wearing jewellery, a decision will need to be made if it is to remain on, or to remove for a keepsake for family.
  • It is generally possible, for the deceased own clothing to be provided or a satin robe can be provided by A J Coggles, in various colours.

Our Credentials

To make a donation and read funeral notices please visit our Memory Giving page